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PROBOTECH« INC. offers both single-sided and double-sided testing capabilities in an attractive, easy to operate, desktop design.

PROBOTECH« takes pride in having developed this unique, high performance, low cost, flying prober technology. No other company offers a product like ours.

It features a very fast "Conditional" adjacency shorts test, and "Automatic" test generation directly from CAD and/or Gerber drawing files as supported by DownStream Technologies, LLC CAM350 software and other CAD/CAM suppliers such as PentaLogix's ProbeMaster software (formerly Lavenir Technology, Inc.).

PROBOTECH«'s substrate alignment adjusts for position, rotation, and circuit shrinkage.

Our (patented) soft-touch, non-wipe probing technology gives our probers superior capabilities to probe current and future single-sided and double-sided circuit technologies with .002" pads.

We use ultra reliable linear motors for precise X/Y motion without lead screws, rotary motors, cables, or gears.

We provide standard turn-key test systems for Opens/Shorts, component values, in-circuit tests, and other applications.

Our software has the features you would expect from a high performance, higher cost, flying prober, and much more! It has been perfected, over the last 19 years, on numerous PROBOTECH« prober installations. As a result, the software is feature rich and easy to use.

Our flying probers have many different options to suite your individual probing needs and requirements. If you would like more information on our products, please contact us at (317) 849-6197 or email us at sales@probotech.com.

Please put us to the test!

PROBOTECH« is a registered trademark of PROBOTECH« INC. Copyrightę 2003 All rights reserved

Last Updated: July 23, 2003
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