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PROBOTECH® INC. Since 1984

Microcircuit Flying Probers

PROBOTECH® INC. is the leading manufacturer of Microcircuit Flying Probers.

The PROBOTECH® INC. flying probers offer the following:

  • High performance desktop-sized test systems

  • Turn-key test systems for opens/shorts, component values, in-circuit tests, and other applications

  • Magnetically propelled flying probes

  • X/Y motion without the use of lead screws, cables, or gears

  • Easily controlled instrument bus for custom test flexibility

  • Color camera optics

  • Alignment compensates for position, rotation, and shrinkage

  • Programmable Z-axis

  • Surface sensing probes...And more!!!

PROBOTECH® is a registered trademark of PROBOTECH® INC. Copyright© 2003 All rights reserved

Last Updated: July 23, 2003
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