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Since 1984, PROBOTECH® INC. has manufactured computer guided, soft-touch flying probers providing universal fixtureless testing for microcircuits and large P.C. boards.

PROBOTECH® INC. was one of the first to produce and market universal turn-key test systems with moving computer guided flying probes.

PROBOTECH®'s PATENTED  non-wipe probing design provides capabilities not available on any other prober.

PROBOTECH® was the first to use, and has always used, ultra reliable linear motors to position probes.  There are no lead screws, rotary motors, slides, cables, gears, or other mechanical linkages to wear out, require maintenance, or affect the accuracy of the basic x/y drive system.

The software is easy to use and has all the features you would expect and more, because it has been perfected over several years by microcircuit engineers, utilizing feedback from many installations.

The PROBOTECH® probers have been in continual use since 1984 by super computer, automotive, telephone, and other large manufacturers.

PROBOTECH®'s long history in the microcircuit testing field assures reliable fixtureless in-circuit testing with moving probes, computer guided programmed positions, that will meet your testing needs now and in the future.

To request sales literature, please email us at:  sales@probotech.com,
or call us at: (317) 849-6197.

PROBOTECH® is a registered trademark of PROBOTECH® INC. Copyright© 2003 All rights reserved

Last Updated: July 23, 2003
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